A list of all our Departments

Mrs. A. O. Cole – Assistant Director Nursing Services (Apex Nurse)

GENERAL OVERVIEW of the Nursing Department
Nurses in LIMH: We provide excellent help/care services to our patients/clients in the performance of activities contributing to improved health or its recovery.

These we perform unaided, as we have the necessary strength, skill or knowledge and we are in the gap and we monitor patients’ care.

We educate our patients and family members about health condition, provide medications and treatments, delivering future leaders alive, assist in reproductive health, give emotional support and advice to our patients and their family members and many more.

We also work with healthy people by providing preventable health care and wellness information.

Profile of Key Officers
We have qualify registered Nurses, Midwives, Family Health Provider, Emergency, Theater, Anesthetists and Intensive Care Nurses in LIMH, who work on different fields to meet up to the vision mission statement of the hospital with their various qualification experience and practice field.All registered and licensed by Nigeria and Midwifery council.


Category of Designation Cadre in the Unit

  1. Apex Nurse in Charge/ Assistant Director in Nursing
  2. Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Matron
  • Senior Matron/Assistant Chief Nursing Officer
  1. Matron 1
  2. Matron 2
  3. Senior Nursing Sister
  • Nursing Sister/Nursing Officers

Section of Nursing Department in LIMH

  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Antenatal Ward
  • Emergency Ward
  • Postnatal ward (this involves two wards, namely A3 for normal delivery and C3 for Caesarean.
  • Delivery Suite
  • LIMPEM Ward (Observation and Monitoring of all new surgical cases within the first 24hrs, before transfer to their various sections.
  • Gynaecological Ward
  • Theater which is divided into two suites, namely Gynecological and Obstetric suite.
  • Anesthetics
  • Neonatal Ward
  • Gynecological Clinic
  • Family planning clinic.


Function of  Nursing Department to the LIMH

We directly involved in almost all aspects of LIMH hospital quality service, because we are the bedrock of the hospital.

  • We are directly responsible for monitoring and assessing patient and performing immediate interventions to reduce risk or prevent medical complication.
  • We help in data collection/reporting and more, example number of birth, death rate, bed spacing in the hospital.
  • We assist in surgeries and other major operations example, gynecological and obstetrics operation.
  • We delivered future leaders alive and give psychological care to our entire client.
  • We help patients and family members regarding post hospital care before discharge.


Mode of Operation section in Nursing Department
Antenatal Clinic: We practice focused antenatal care,we are time conscious, we have what we call fast track, where the pregnant woman come to see her doctor without wasting time.We give health education about pregnancy,diet and what to expect during labour. Our antenatal clinic is opened from Monday to Friday and we operate two section for antenatal clinic every day. We operate in a friendly and therapeutic environment and Our Charges are affordable.

Antenatal Ward: We operates 24hrs service in the antenatal ward,we have experienced midwives with obstetrics staff to care for mothers admitted into the ward via antenatal clinic either for induction of labour due to postdatism or caesarean section for preoperative management or any other condition related to pregnancy for monitoring and close observation.

Postnatal Ward: This is where woman and their babies are provided with medical care immediately after delivery. It is divided into two sections, we operate 24hours Service, and we operate in a clean conducive environment.


A3 Ward: This ward is for those that had Spontaneous Vagina Delivery

C3 Ward: This ward is for Patients that delivered through Caesarean Section.

We gives close observation on the neonates for 24hrs or 48hrs before discharge, this to check for jaundice and other abnormalities and refer to the pediatrician for treatment and we also orients our client on the lookout for jaundice or anything abnormal within them or their neonate after discharge.

Close observation of Mothers after delivery through CS or Vaginal delivery and timely report for quick intervention in time of crisis to save lives.

We make sure all mothers lactate before discharge and we also orientate HIV mothers on choice of feeding for neonates.

We health educate on importance of breastfeeding, personal hygiene, techniques in breastfeeding and assist mothers on lactation.

We also give health education on importance of ambulation especially to the C/S Patient.

Postnatal Clinic: This is the Outpatient clinic for nursing mothers at 6 weeks for normal delivery and two weeks for C/S for check up.
We check the health status of Mother and Baby, We counsel the mother on family planning methods to choose and give counselling to Mothers on breastfeeding, nutrition, hygiene, rest and infant care.

Labour Ward : We operates 24hours service delivery in LIMH, WE ARE CALLED THE BABIES FACTORY IN AFRICA, with highly competent staff, we have maximum of 24 neonates per day and minimum of 8 per day, we delivered futures leaders alive.

We operate in a therapeutic environment with conducive patient wait area and our price is affordable.

Our labour ward is divided into two parts.


New Ultramodern Birth Suite: is a delivery suite where the support person either husband or relative is allow to witness the labour. It is highly equipped with all delivery gadgets at an affordable price, with painless labour by giving epidural anesthesia.

Normal Birth Suite: A delivery suite that contains more than one client in labour in a therapeutic environment,with delivery gadget, qualified Staff personnel and affordable price with quick action in birthing process, episiotomy, vacuum, induction or Caesarean section.

We take quick action in birthing process for example if pregnancy is postdated, quick action like inducing labour, giving episiotomy, delivery by forceps or vacuum.


Neonatal Ward: Our neonates ward in the hospital is affiliated with Massey Children Hospital, We operate 24hrs service delivery,We have highly skill qualified personnel in this field.

We focus on the care of newborns and infants,specially those who require special medical attention. We have Intensive care Unit for neonates especially for all premature in which they thrive well.

We play important role in supporting the parents of the neonates at the time when they are very anxious and stressed.

  • We encourage mothers to take an active role in the care of the neonates.
  • We record observations and documents the neonates care.
  • We prepare and check the medications.
  • We initiate appropriate basic resuscitation in an emergency situation.


LIMMCU Ward: This is the ward where all Obstetrics and gynecological surgeries are kept for close observation within the first 24hrs after surgery, before being transfer to post C/S ward or gynae ward.

LIMMCU Ward (Intensive Care Unit): We use specialized skill and extensive knowledge of diseases pathology to provide intervention that sustains life.

We work quickly, efficiently, independently and meticulously to deal with Critical Cases in the hospital and outside the hospital with referral. Our services are on 24hrs. We care for the most fragile of patients who hang on life by a thread.


Emergency Ward: Our emergency department operates 24hrs; we take referral from both government and non-government hospital. We treat only cases pertaining to Obstetrics and gynecological emergency cases. We are the First and the best.

We are very quick to recognize those acute problems and able to resolve or stabilize them immediately upon arrival, and solve all our patient using triage.


Gynecological Ward: This is the ward where we care for women with gynecological cases who need to stay for surgery in the hospital, manage postoperative gynecological patient and emergency gynecological admission. We give physical and psychological care to them all.

Gynecological Department: This is an outpatient department; we provide outpatient services to women and young teenagers in a sensitive environment that meets their requirement while addressing issues around privacy and dignity.

The Unit is divided into two Clinic Sections:

Gynae Clinic that run from (Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm) and the Fertility Clinic

Anaesthetics Department: We allow Patient to tolerate any kind of operations and procedures in comfort and safety.We operate 24hrs in LIMH, we are efficient and dynamic in nature.


Theatre: Our Services is 24hrs, we have highly qualify skill theatre nurses and competent gynae and obstetrics surgeon. We operate in a friendly and therapeutic environment. Our theatre is divided into two namely obstetric suite and Gynae Suite. Our prices are affordable.

We are responsible for the surgical services well being of the patient.
We maintain surgical services in accordance with competency standard.
We execute proper care and handling of surgical instrument to ensure of operating Staff and Patient.
We maintain current and in-depth knowledge of sterile techniques.
We prepare timely and accurate records of patient history and recovery chart.

Family Planning Clinic: We operate from Monday to Friday; we attend to all Child bearing age, including teenagers and Men.Our Family planning is available and accessible through our highly skilled Midwives,We also provide counselling and some family planning method, for example Pills and Condom and other methods.
We reinforce people rights to determine the number and the spacing of children by preventing unintended pregnancy prevent deaths of mothers and children.

Relationship of Nurses with Patients: We operate a in a friendly therapeutic environment with our Client.

Nurses Relationship with other Professions: We have interred professional relationship by working together to achieve the vision and mission of the hospital as one umbrella to give quality care to the patient, increase job satisfaction. We maintain a healthy relationship, avoiding lateral aggression on each other.





Our Immediate Past Apex Nurse

Kalesanwo, Mrs. Gladys Uyinwen (RN;RM;BSc) Apex Nurse LIMH


  • Antenatal Clinic is daily
  • Booking for new Antenatal Patient takes place on Thursdays ONLY.

There is an Antenatal clinic for all pregnant women daily Monday to Friday,

Also examinations by Midwives are done before patient are seen by Resident Registrar Doctors and Consultants.


There is a separate building for the Gynaecology Clinic and the Consultant with his team of Resident Doctors and House Officers attend to patients daily, from 8.00am to 2.00pm.


This is regularly from 8.00am to 2.00pm daily. It is located on the ground floor of the Gynaecology Clinic and it is headed by a Consultant of Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. Patients are seen daily and if any of the patients have problem(s) the Nurses cannot handle, a referral is made for the Doctors’ consultation. The Family Planning Clinic handles all forms of Family Planning and also trains Nurses and Midwives sent from various Hospitals from the state.

Located on the ground floor of the A wing of the Hospital. It opens for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Coverage is done in rotation by the Doctors/and Nurses. It has about 8 cubicles, Doctors/Nurses Consulting Rooms a Theatre for Emergency Evaluation and some procedures. It is the 1st point of call in the Hospital and very accessible by a vehicle.

LIMH Renovated its Main Theater Suite (Gynae and Endoscopy Suites) which is located in the B wings of the Hospital on the second floor, used for both Elective and Emergency Operative Procedures. It opens for 24 hours, 7 days a week.



Creation of a new Obstetrics Theater – 2 Suites.


Lagos Island Maternity Hospital has a real and sector Scanner that caters for our patients. It is located in the out patients vicinity and is done daily Monday to Friday 8.00am till 2.00pm. It is run by our Radiologist in collaboration with an external Staff.

(Strategically located on the ground floor, it has Chief Matron in charge’s office, Consultants Offices, Emergency Department, Antenatal Clinic, Complex Clinical Meeting Room (also turned to Doctors Common Room, Computer Room, Health information system office, complex Medical Records, Laboratory Department, Pharmacy Department, Kitchen Unit, Transport Unit, Security Unit, Domestic Unit, and Ultrasound Room.

Miss Olaoke, O. E. (HOD Laboratory)

Welcome to Lagos Island Maternity Hospital Laboratory department. The laboratory is situated on the ground floor of the hospital just beside the Pharmacy Department. of our B wing,

The laboratory Services run for 24hours of the day with seasoned Scientists and Technicians running all forms of tests and basic investigations such as

Hematology: CBC (5 parts); Hb-Genetype; PCV/Hematocrit
Blood Bank: Grouping A&O; Cross Match; ICT & DCT
Microbiology: MCS-urine, Swabs, ECS, HVS, Wound, Semen, SFA
Chemistry: Glucose, GTT, E/u/Cr, LFT, Lipid Profile, Uric acid, Urine chemistry, BHCG
ANC Screening: HBV/HCV, Syphilis, Hematocrate, A&O Grouping, Hb-Genotype
Paps Smear & Voluntary Blood Donation


he Department is as old as the Hospital and is located on the ground floor of the hospital.The department render pharmaceutical services to both in and out

patients and it operates 24hours with at least two members of staff on duty after the close of official hours. It is also an accredited training centre for fresh pharmacy graduates undergoing the 1 year compulsory internship training programme.


There are two sections in the department; fee paying and non-fee paying. The fee paying section attends to both in and out patients with drugs sold to them at very affordable prices. The non-fee paying section comprises Ante-natal clinic pharmacy (where patients are given haematinics and antimalarial for free) and staff drugs pharmacy (where drugs are dispensed strictly to members of staff with prescriptions only). Anti-retroviral drugs are dispensed free of charge and pharmaceutical care services for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDs is carried out.

The department is made up of thirteen Pharmacists, five pharmacy technicians and 3-5 pharmacy interns. There are two clinical Pharmacists and some others undergoing West Africa Post Graduate College of Pharmacy programme. The head of department; a clinical pharmacist oversees the activities in the department.

The pharmacy stock drugs based on the flow of medication content in prescriptions. The targeted patients are;

  • Women pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, at child birth and post-partum
  • Neonates
  • Women with Obstetric/Gynae cases

The department is playing a vital role in the prevention of maternal mortality in the hospital. The life of the patient is placed above all, emergency drugs are dispensed to patients (indigent and destitute) on credit in order to save lives first. A lot of success stories has therefore been recorded so far.

The pharmacy store is located inside the department with two Pharmacists in-charge of the store activities. Drugs are issued to the dispensary from the store on a daily basis. Supplies to other units are also from the store on a weekly basis.

The members of staff of the department challenge themselves weekly by organising a mandatory continuous medical education meetings where presentations are delivered on recent conditions and drug discoveries related to maternal health.

In 2017, Pharmacy Department was awarded the best department of the year.

1) Labour Ward: Created on the B wing of the 1st floor, and readily accessible to patients/and relatives. It has 1ststage, 2nd stage, Eclamptic Rooms, Nurses Rooms etc. It has 22 numbers of Beds.

2) Other wards: Are headed by Assistant Chief Matrons

3) Antenatal Wards (A1)32 bedded located on the 1st floor

4) Postnatal Wards (C3)32 bedded located on the 3rd floor

5) Immediate Post-Operative Wards (A2)32 bedded located on the 2nd floor

6) Gynaecological Wards (A4)32 bedded located on the 4th floor

We have 8 private Rooms accommodation.

Has 36 number of Cots has 15 numbers of Incubators and 5 numbers of photo-therapy machines located on the 3rd floor. The ward works in collaboration with Massey Street Children Hospital and coverage is done in rotation by Massey Street Children Hospital consultants in collaboration with our consultants at Lagos Island Maternity Hospital.

Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is a satellite Centre for School of Anaesthetic Studies Badagry. Two Consultants in the school Supervise Trainee Diplomat in Training and it is headed by The Director of Clinical Services and Training

The Library and resource Centre is located on the 4th floor. Current Journals, Text books are stocked for Residents and Medical Officers. Internet facilities are also available

Located on the 2nd floor.

Regular weekly Clinical meetings and CME is carried out in Rotation by Consultants in the Hospital at the Doctors’ Conference Room. It is Compulsory for Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Scientist, Pharmacist to attend, and many times, Medical Officers/House officers present meet and discuss cases with consultants in attendance.


The Nutrition and Dietetics department of Lagos Island Maternity Hospital was established to provide Medical nutrition therapy for prophylactic (prevention) and treatment of diet related disease conditions and symptoms in Obstetrics and Gynecological Cases; Maternal overweight/obesity, diabetes, hypertension, nutritional anemia, peptic ulcer, hyperemesis gravidarium, cardiovascular, kidney, liver diseases, etc. The department also aims to help our clients achieve and maintain optimum health at all age and stage of life (especially in pregnancy as it applies in this case).

All medical nutrition therapies adopted are Evidence-based with no side effects and are guaranteed to give optimum result if adhered to strictly.

It is our belief in the Nutrition and Dietetics department that nutrition indeed is the pathway to optimum state of health and we encourage all our clients to work together with us and make these desires and nutritional goals a reality.



Departmental activities are on Mondays to Fridays at 8:00am to 4:00pm with weekend duty coverage to ensure continuity of nutritional management especially for our in-patients. All patients (either in-patients or out-patients) are eligible for the services provided by the department. Listed below are the current activities of the department;

    Nutrition education/talks are given at Antenatal clinic, Postnatal/Family planning clinic and Child welfare and Immunization clinic from Mondays to Fridays between 9am-10am as a way of educating mothers in respect of the importance of nutrition at all age and stage of life.
    The dietitians’ carryout daily ward round to:
  • Initiate medical nutrition therapy to patients on admission referred or identified as requiring the therapy.
  • Monitor and evaluate patients already on medical nutrition therapy.
  • DEPARTMENTAL CLINIC DAY: Clinic days are on Wednesdays, starting by 9am. The clinic day is for out-patients referred from other clinics in the hospital (Anc, Gynae or Child Welfare) and patients referred from other hospitals. The patients are nutritionally assessed, diagnosed and nutritional intervention initiated. Follow-up appointments are given for continuous monitoring and evaluations of the patient’s condition, patient’s compliance to the prescribed dietary regimen and the effectiveness of the prescribed regimen.
  • FOOD DEMONSTRATION CLASSES (FDCs): The importance of appropriate complementary feeding within 6-23 months of a child’s life is emphasized through our food demonstration classes held in the Department, Antenatal clinic and Child welfare and Immunization clinic. At the Child welfare clinic, mothers are taught by way of practical cooking sessions how to prepare affordable nutritious meals for their infants and toddlers in order to promote adequate growth and development. While the demonstration in the department takes care of referred or identified cases of infants with nutritional challenges. At the Antenatal clinic, expectant mothers are further enlightened about the ease of preparing nutritious meals and healthy snacks in order to nourish not just themselves but also the growing babies in their wombs.

Below is the schedule for the food demonstration classes:

  • Child welfare and Immunization clinic: – 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month by 9am
  • Dietetics department: – Thursdays by 11am
  • Antenatal clinic: – 3rd Wednesday of the month


We look forward to seeing you not just in the hospital but also at the Nutrition and Dietetics department.

Your nutrition, your health.

The catering department is responsible for the provision of good, nourished and balanced diet meals to patients, relatives, staff and Guest in a friendly & hygienic environment at moderate prices.

The catering department is comprises of two section


  1. The Main Kitchen
  2. The Canteen

The Main kitchen is the back bone of the department where varieties of meals is being prepared both for in-patients and staff on call duty. The kitchen is also saddle with other responsibility in relation to preparation of nourished meals to invitees/ visitors from state government.

The patients are provided with balanced diet meals in relation to their dietary requirement. The patients’ choice of meals is always put into consideration and these had really helped in quick recuperate from illness.

There are three cadres in hospital catering unit which includes the catering officers, Catering Assistants and Cooks. All are saddle with the responsibility of providing good meals.

The time scheduled for providing meals to the in-patients is as follows

  1. Breakfast 6am – 7am
  2. Lunch 1pm – 2pm
  3. Dinner 6pm – 7pm

The above service is applicable to both booked & un-booked patient in relation to the diet list & dietary requirement.

The canteen is also saddle with the responsibility of providing varieties of meals prepared with minimum loss of nutrients, presented in an appealing manner at moderate prices.  The canteen operates from 8am to 8pm with variety of delicious meals. (Weekend inclusive).  The staff of catering department are always friendly and ready to put in their best as our professional adage which says “SERVE TO PLEASE”. We ensure customer satisfaction and this has really being one of our aims and objectives in catering.

The Catering department is headed by a qualified & experienced CATERING OFFICER who studied Hotel & Catering Management or Hospitality Industry Management & assisted by an experienced Dietician, Caterers, Cooks & Kitchen Attendant to work as a team for effective health care delivery through the provision of healthy meals.

All activities, processes & the nature of how work should be done are always in line with Catering Department Operational Procedure (SOP)