The Hospital, after several correspondences and visitations by Accreditation Team, was granted accreditation for Residency Training in O&G in 2009 by National Postgraduate Medical College, and in 2012 by West African College of Surgeons.

The hospital is also a training point for Residency Programmes in Anaesthesia and Family Medicine

There are four units in the hospital and each is headed by the most Senior Consultant. The typical activities consist of antenatal clinic, Gynaecology clinics, family planning clinics, emergency unit coverage and theatre/cal on different days of the week. There are also daily resident ward rounds and a special day for Consultant teaching round.

The obstetrics and gynaecology units within the hospital were in 2014 divided into sub-specialities to provide a comprehensive form of training for the residents. These are

  • Infertility Unit – Ogungbemile
  • Oncology Unit – Eniayewun/Dr. Akinboade
  • Minimal Access Surgery Unit –  Omololu
  • Feto-maternal Medicine Unit – Bazuaye

Regular academic programmes are held to ensure proper training. These include

  • A weekly scientific meeting
  • A daily morning review of all cases admitted during the previous day’s call
  • A monthly maternal and perinatal mortality meeting
  • Consultants teaching ward rounds
  • Regular assessment tests, multiple choice questions and essays are held for continuous assessment
  • Bedside teachings are also regularly conducted.

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